Tensile Membranes

Homes & Cars Tensile Roofing

Membrane shade roofing is a type of outdoor roofing system for buildings and tanks.

Tensile Fabric Roof covering shades are used on flat or nearly flat roofs to prevent leaks and move rainwater off the roof. Tensile Membrane roof structure Canopies are most commonly made from synthetic rubber, thermoplastic (PVC or similar material), or modified bitumen.Our roof shade designs are most commonly suitable for commercial applications, though they are becoming increasingly more common in a residential applications in Hubli, Belagavi and Dharwad of Noth Karnataka, South Maharashtra, Goa.

Kranti Canopies Manufacturer & Supplier of Tensile Roof shade

Kranticanopies is a leading maker of roof tensile structure canopies in Hubli, as well as a major supplier of roof weather roof shades in North Karnataka’s Belagavi and Dharwad. Roof structure membranes from Kranticanopies are corrosion-resistant, long-lasting, and suitable for all types of residential buildings. Presently, we have finished outdoor roofing in many houses in the North Karnataka districts of Hubli, Dharwad, and Belagavi. We’re also focusing on Maharashtra’s southern region, Andhra Pradesh, and Goa.

Outdoor Tensile Membrane for Homes

KrantiCanopies supplied and installed tensile structures in various locations within the house area like outdoor roofing tensile structure, Weatherproof tensile structure covering for Courtyard area, Tensile membrane structure Shades for House garden & Sit out, Tensile steel structure canopies for House Swimming pool, Structural Tents in House Lawn, tensile shade at the home entrance, Tensile structure for car parking, Tensile shade for Balconies, etc. Our experienced roofing design team first surveys the area of your house roof and then calculates the material requirements for making roof covering shades that are within your budget. In the Karnataka districts of Dharwad, Hubli, and Belagavi, we are the cheapest and most professional roof tensile structure covering manufacturer and supplier.

Our long-lasting roof tensile membrane structure is well-designed and covers the entire roof area as per the customer’s specifications. Our environmentally friendly tensile roofing is made of thermoplastic and modified bitumen, and it provides better cooling and corrosion resistance.

Features of Tensile Structure Roof Cover

Our Innovative outdoor roof structure shades are unique, attractive colors, long durable and mainly cost-effective. We designed and supplied a number of steel roof covers for high elevated houses in North Karnataka, mainly in Hubli and Dharwad. After we finish our roof cover shade, it provides a more attractive and stunning elevated profile.Our customers are pleased with our outdoor roofing services and have recommended us to their relatives and friends.