Awnings / Canopies – Residential Awnings

Fixed Awnings

We can customise to the site or design requirement to create comfort zones, shading areas and provide weather protection.

You can control the amount of sunlight that you would want inside. Enjoy the indoors with just the right amount of natural light filtering inside and cutting out direct heat from the sun. We can create walkways for entrances or paths, Car Shading systems to protect your car interiors and exterirors from fading and burning hot in the summers, providing shading areas over pools and pool bars or just some geometric sails to provide light and shade to your patio. The possibilities could be endless.

Combined with our large range of Prosolar range of Fabrics from Dickson France and Sunsetter range of PVC polyester fabrics, we can provide you with a range that fits your budget from the functional to the Best Performing fabrics in the world. Our Warranties range from 1 year to 10 years depending on the product and fabrics you choose.